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Partner Drivers & Couriers

In 2021-2022, committed RUB 1 billion to the medical insurance scheme for drivers and couriers. Under the scheme, Yandex’s insurance partners compensate the service partner in the event of illness or accident (similar to sick pay) at a rate established for the particular region. This supplements national social benefits under universal healthcare. Insured partners may also use telemedicine services.

Non-Profits & Communities

Supported over 400 non-profits by giving them access to free taxi rides with Yandex Go, and offering grants for purchasing essential goods, placing ads and using Yandex's services for business. These support programs are funded through user donations and contributions from Yandex. In 2022, over 800,000 users were engaged in regular charity giving via the rounding-up feature in Yandex apps.

Sustainable Operations

Reduced the volume of packaging materials used by Yandex Market by 70% while delivering twice as many orders to users, and achieved a two-fold reduction in packaging costs per order despite facing a material procurement price rise of up to 45%. These results were enabled by packaging optimization measures, including fit-to-size packaging, packaging diversification as well as elimination of redundant packaging for several categories of goods.

Learners & Educators

Invested over RUB 1 billion in free educational programs and products, including Yandex Textbook, Lyceum by Yandex, Yandex School of Data Analysis (YSDA), joint degree programs with leading universities and other initiatives, all aimed at improving the quality of IT education and integrating continuous learning into everyday life. Over 6 million people — both students and educators — took advantage of Yandex's free learning opportunities and EdTech in 2022.

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Today Yandex offers over 90 digital-related services and products. From search and information services, ride-hailing, carsharing, e-grocery, e-commerce and delivery to cloud, entertainment services, self-driving technologies and smart devices.

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Who Governs Sustainability at Yandex

The Board of Director’s Corporate Governance Committee plays an important role in approving sustainability-related initiatives and exchanging opinions. We have introduced the roles of a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), who is tasked with the executive-level oversight of strategy implementation in different business units, and a Group Sustainability Manager, who provides support in carrying out, monitoring and communicating the results of sustainability initiatives.
Most of sustainability streams have dedicated teams headed by members of the executive board. There is also a sustainability project office with cross-functional community support and environmental projects that reports directly to the CSO.