Yandex Service Partners

By partnering with Yandex services, a variety of individuals and businesses gain an opportunity to earn money while having liberty to choose when and how they engage with Yandex. While there are separate teams within Yandex dedicated to providing support to each of the group of partners, they all are guided by the same objective: to ensure that our partners can work safely and securely.
Yandex Go and partners giving rides and completing Yandex Delivery orders
Yandex Eats, Delivery Club, Yandex Lavka and Yandex Delivery partners delivering orders
Partners of a variery of Yandex services analyzing data, moderating content and running quality checks
Crowd workers partnering with Toloka, an international data labeling solution for machine learning
Grocery stores
Yandex Eats and Delivery Club partners using the platform for delivery
Fleet management companies
Yandex Go partners connecting their fleet to the platform
Yandex Market partners listing their goods on the marketplace
Yandex Eats and Delivery Club partners connected to the platform and offering delivery options
Advertising companies
Businesses placing ads via Yandex Direct or Yandex Advertising Network
Small food manufacturers
Yandex Lavka partners suppling their products to the service’s dark stores
...and others

Our Principles


We strive to offer as many partnership opportunities as possible, while minimizing any roadblocks to using these opportunities.


Our goal is to make our services resilient to any disruptions, so that our partners always have accesses to orders, applicable benefits, and are provided with the most up-to-date information and support.


We ensure that our rules are transparent and our partners are aware of them. We do not do anything without good reason, and we can always clearly explain our decisions when resolving a grievance or delivering a product release.

Partner Benefits

Voluntary medical insurance

Yandex committed RUB 1 billion to the voluntary medical insurance scheme developed for drivers and couriers through the end of 2022.
Yandex is the first company in Russia and the CIS region to fully or partially reimburse the cost of the insurance policy to eligible partners. The pilot scheme was launched in March 2021, and by the end of the year it became available across Russia for drivers and couriers (the self-employed, individual entrepreneurs, or taxi fleet drivers).

Accident insurance for drivers

By default, all drivers (as well as taxi riders) receive accident insurance with the coverage of up to RUB 2 million while they are on duty with Yandex Go. Payments are made in accordance with the approved insurance policy.

Accedent insurance for couriers

By default, all couriers receive accident insurance with the coverage of up to RUB 2 million while being active in the service: on the way to pick up or drop off orders or when waiting for one. Payments are made in accordance with the approved insurance policy.

Dispute settlement

Each driver and courier who has been penalized or blocked by Yandex in the service has an opportunity to appeal the decision and ask for an impartial opinion from the driver & courier committee. The committee is designed to foster dialogue between the service and service partners, giving drivers and couriers a voice in the final decision.
Drivers dealing with unruly passenger behavior can defend their interests by activating the Conflict function in the Yandex Pro app: it starts an audio recording to document everything that is happening in the car. We have also developed special podcasts for drivers with guidelines on how to handle conflict situations.
To get help resolving disputes with customers or restaurants, delivery couriers can contact courier support team. Tasked with building a culture of safety and integrity, the support team will evaluate each reported issue and assist accordingly – up to restricting access to the service for customers that demonstrated abusive behavior.
Yandex has partnered with delivery services operating in the Russian market to develop guiding principles for establishing responsible relationships with couriers. Among those are partner safety and wellbeing, facilitated opportunities for professional growth, timely and complete communication about the changes in the terms of partnership, and partner-customer interactions based on mutual respect. Our services have already adopted these principles and commit to upholding them as we grow.

Support for the disabled

Since 2018, we have been adapting to the needs of deaf and hearing-impaired service partners so that they can more easily earn a living through our platforms. There are special web resources that guide them through all necessary details to set up for the job, as well as training materials in sign language. We also embedded features in partner and user applications to ensure smooth communication. Hearing-impaired partners receive order requests via chat or light alerts instead of calls or audio notifications, and customers are asked to explain all details in writing.

Other benefits

Service partners who are self-employed or individual entrepreneurs have access to a legal support program, which offers up to three free consultations per month.
All drivers who participate in a loyalty program can take advantage of a debit card that provides high cashback on fuel, carwash and repair, and other car maintenance services.
Service partners are offered free educational opportunities. In 2021, we offered financial literacy training that focused on the basics of personal financial management, as well as training in a digital profession (RU) on Practicum, an e-learning platform provided by Yandex.

Partner Safety

Safe driving monitoring

We have implemented GPS-based systems that track driving speed, notify drivers about traffic accidents, school zones and other no-speeding areas along the way, and warn them if speed limit is being exceeded.

Safe cycling

We partner with thousands of bike couriers – and plan to grow their share as a part of our environmental commitment.

Vehicle telechecks

All vehicles need to undergo regular safety telechecks to validate that they meet all applicable safety standards.

Anti-fatigue measures

It is important that our partners are well-rested when on duty. For instance, we have introduced a shift monitoring system to prevent couriers from being overworked. A special option in the Yandex Pro app shows restaurants that have resting zones for couriers, free tea, water, and phone charging.