Convenience, Quality & Safety of Service

We design all of our services with the user’s needs and interests in mind to make their lives easier, safer, and better.

Highlighted facts

12.2 million people

subscribed to Yandex Plus as of the end of Q1 2022 to enjoy convenient access to Yandex services and special deals.

75% of Yandex search users find information in less than a second.

Following a major update of a Y1 search engine in 2021, the search has become even faster and more secure. All due to more than 2,100 improvements to the algorithms and search interface.

RUB 2 million

is the per person amount of insurance coverage of the lives and health of drivers and couriers while on the clock, as well as users during their rides with Yandex Go. Payments are made in case of a road accident and in accordance with the approved insurance policy.

А 28–49% reduction

in risky maneuvers in the six months since the launch of Driving Profile. А new ML model rates each user individually analyzing the last 200 kilometers driven (or the total mileage for new users) based on a number of criteria, including aggressive driving or sudden lane changes.

Support for Small Businesses

We traditionally target broad audience of individual customers, though believe that businesses can make a good use of our technologies too. We already have dozens of B2B services and offer tailored solutions to small businesses.

Yandex Business

Yandex Business solution for small businesses, with which they gain access to customer management tool and have ad placement handled by Yandex.

Yandex Cloud

Yandex Cloud offers the Yandex Cloud Boost grants for testing (of up to RUB 1 million) and a premium tech support over a two-month period to organizations developing their own IT solutions that wish to migrate to cloud. After the grant period, organizations receive a 20% annual discount for data storage and analysis services.

Other Services

Special deals, including free-of-charge tools, offered by Yandex 360, Yandex Webmaster, web and app analytics services, Yandex Q, and many more.

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