Responsible Procurement

We aim for mutually beneficial, long-lasting partnerships with contractors that demonstrate ethical behavior.

Highlighted facts


vendors partnered with Yandex in 2022


small businesses were Yandex's suppliers in 2022

How We Work with Suppliers

Transparency & Efficiency

To make it easier for suppliers to interact with us, we have launched a dedicated Suppliers Section on the company's website, created a transparent procurement system with clear procedures, and use automation solutions for managing workflow to reduce processing time.

Shared Values

We expect that our suppliers follow the principles of ethical conduct and strive to introduce best corporate practices. We have introduced the Supplier Code of Conduct to provide further guidance.

Careful Screening

We conduct due diligence to ensure our partners act in compliance with applicable laws and standards of business conduct, and monitor our contractual relationships.

Open Dialogue

We welcome partnerships with businesses of any sizes – from individual entrepreneurs to big corporations. We also welcome feedback and encourage our suppliers to report on any violations.

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